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Trainee at VIKING

VIKING has 6 different trainee programs: All-round, Sales, Shipping, Technical Designer and IT Support trainee. All trainees stay at VIKING for a 2 year period. We also have a trainee program in our PPE Clothing Department – they stay at VIKING for a period of 2-3 years. The programs are mainly for young people who have graduated from high school or equivalent.

Some rotate between departments to get a broad understanding of the organizational processes and others specialize in one specific field. All trainees attend a relevant education while working at VIKING.

A VIKING trainee will get a qualified organizational experience combined with relevant schooling financed by VIKING. Trainees are remunerated with a standard salary corresponding to the salary level of an apprentice. As all 6 educations take place in Denmark it is important that the trainees talk and write Danish.

All-round trainees rotate through 4 different departments during the 2 year period: Sales, Logistics, Shipping and Finance. Halfway into the program the trainees have a 2-3 week stay in one of VIKING’s foreign subsidiaries. All-round trainees follow the first part of a HD in business, which is a Danish broad-based, general academic diploma program. Applicants for this trainee position have fulfilled a Higher Commercial Examination.

Trainees in PPE Clothing work in either PPE Engineering Fire or PPE Engineering Water. In addition, they also spend some time in our sewing line. They attend TEKO in Herning throughout their traineeship. In order to apply for this traineeship you must already have fulfilled a basic course at TEKO.

Shipping trainees will stay in VIKING’s shipping department, which handles goods being sent all over the world by ship, truck, flight and courier, throughout their traineeship. Shipping trainees will attend the “shipping agent” line at IBC in Kolding.

IT Support trainees work at VIKINGs IT Help Desk in the Global IT department placed in Esbjerg. Throughout 2 years the IT Support trainees will attend the educational branch ‘IT’ at the EUC South in Soenderborg. In order to apply for this trainee position you have fulfilled the Basic course at EUC.

E-mail our HR department for further information about your career opportunities within the VIKING organisation