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Passenger Evacuation Systems 

VIKING's advanced evacuation
systems provide fast and easy evacuation, exceptional stablility
and are trusted by passengers
and crew worldwide. 


VIKING liferafts are found all
over the globe – from the arctic
to the tropics. Available in standard
and top of the line automatically
self-righting versions.  

Offshore Evacuation Systems 

VIKING offers total packages for
new buildings, including unique
evacuation and embarkation
systems, the right combination of
personal protective equipment
and professional and convenient
servicing and replacement. 

Protective Clothing 

VIKING offers a wide range of
protective suits with a choice of
materials and features for all needs.
Our designers work in close
cooperation with our international customers to ensure the right suit
for each occasion. 

Defence evacuation systems 

VIKING's advanced evacuation
systems combine fast and easy
evacuation with the protection
needed for vessels in combat action. 

Life Saving Appliances 

VIKING is a competitive and
reliable global supplier of full
package LSA, fire-fighting
equipment and boats and davits.

Order our free catalogue. 

Rescue Boats 

Stability, strength and excellent seaworthiness for rough weather conditions. Combines modern
features with traditional boat building principles. 


All VIKING products are
supported by a unique global
network of certified servicing stations,
providing fast, reliable servicing
when and where you need it.