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Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure constantly high quality
for your safety

VIKING life-saving equipment is often the last possible means of rescue in emergency, so it is critical that our equipment functions perfectly when it is needed. There is no second chance.
VIKING products are tested at four critical stages; during development, for approval, at the production and packing stage, and often again on installation.

Products are tested and re-tested during development

When new products are developed and most tests done, we start to test them ourselves! Employees don suits, slide down evacuation slides and chutes, inflate and man liferafts to ensure that we are completely satisfied with every facet of our new product.

Industry and authority approval
Of course all of our products are tested to industry standards and according to the relevant authorities, including SOLAS. Evacuation systems, for example, are tested to ensure they function as they should, for capacity - the number of people that can be evacuated within the specified 30 minutes, and they are then tested to the maximum to see how many evacuations can take place before the system becomes worn.

Production and packing
All of our products are tested during production to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Systems and liferafts are tested to ensure that they are airtight and retain the specified pressure for a defined period, and suits are tested for water integrity.

On installation
Many of our products, particularly evacuation systems and liferafts, are tested when then are installed on vessels and offshore systems. Often in the presence of certifying authorities, systems and their liferafts are tested by crew members in the presence of VIKING engineers to ensure that they function and can be deployed as intended.

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