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Technical information

Marine Evacuation systems

Chute Product guide

Evacuation Mini Chute

Chute location example 244KB
MiniSlide guide

Slide product guide

Slide location example 195KB
Launching instruction example for chute evacuation system 4KB

Offshore Evacuation systems
SES 2A datasheet
SES 2A Moveable Frame datasheet
SES 2B datasheet
SES 2B Sliding Frame datasheet
SES 2C Arctic datasheet
SES 2D datasheet
SES Basic datasheet

Technical Liferaft (dimensions, weight etc.)
Liferaft components, davit launched (link)
Liferaft approvals(link)
Emergency pack - A pack 26KB
Emergency pack - B pack

Emergency pack - DKR


See selected datasheets and certificates in the Safetyshop

Personal Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing approvals(link)

See selected datasheets and instructions in the Safetyshop

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