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VIKING Best in test - Sailing Today, Dec2011


VIKING Liferaft saves two American sailors in South Pacific

After a spectacular 10-1/2 month adventure cruising from Port Townsend, Washington, across the ocean and around the South Pacific, Linda Attaway and Brad Nelson's journey ended off the coast of New Zealand. Their Golden Wave 42 Kattywompus unexpectedly hit a reef, quickly started taking on water and capsized. Luckily, they had a 6-person RescYou liferaft from Viking Life-Saving Equipment on board. Read more

VIKING RescYou Liferaft saves five sailors in Baja Ha-Ha rally

The annual Baja Ha-Ha cruiser rally from San Diego, California, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, turned into a life threatening situation for five, San Francisco-based, J/World Performance Sailing School participants. Thanks to fast-thinking crew members, an eight-person Viking RescYou liferaft and the United States Coast Guard, they're all alive today after their 40' J/120 J World sunk, 60 miles offshore. Read more

Experienced sailor owes life to VIKING raft

What was supposed to be another enjoyable sailing trip from Moorehead City, North Carolina to Bermuda quickly turned into a nightmare for Roger Brake. Just over 12 hours into the journey, his well-maintained 46' Cross Trimaran, Orion, started taking on water and capsized. If it wasn't for his amazing determination and a Viking Life-Saving Equipment USCG Coastal Liferaft, he wouldn't be alive today. Read more

VIKING raft saves fishing family from frigid Alaskan waters

There's nothing scarier than the thought of a loved one being swept overboard on a sinking vessel. For the Pruitt family from Kodiak, Alaska, this nightmare became reality. If it wasn't for their Viking Liferaft and a father's fast thinking, the Pruitt family wouldn't be alive today. Read more

17-year old VIKING raft saves the lives of 7 fishermen

Thanks to a VIKING Life-Saving Equipment Offshore Yachting Liferaft, seven Pennsylvanian fishermen are alive today. After narrowly escaping their sinking fishing boat and surviving two stormy days and nights afloat in the ocean, the exhausted crew was rescued by the Coast Guard Monday, September 25. Read more