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Yachting immersion suits for ultimate personal safety

More than just a question of staying afloat
Lifejackets provide enough buoyancy to stay afloat, but prolonged periods of immersion can have serious consequences. In cold water hypothermia sets in fast. It's only a matter of minutes before it affects your fine motor skills and ability to call for help, pull yourself out of the water, operate safety equipment and may limit the time you can afford to wait for rescue.

More than 6 hours of protection

VIKING's immersion suits have a high clo value, providing over 6 hours of protection from the cold. Staying warm allows you to continue to think clearly, operate life-saving equipment and stay afloat while waiting for assistance.

Our immersion and work suits do more than just keep your head above water

Flotation suits
VIKING's flotation suit, the PS5078, extends the sailing season and is ideal for out of season sailing. It keeps the wearer dry on board and afloat should they fall into the water while allowing plenty of freedom of movement to work on board.

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Combined work and immersion suit
Our combined work and immersion suit, the PS4170 are designed as constant wear suit and have reinforcements, pockets and other features that make it practical to wear. In the water it provides protection from cold and the effects of hypothermia for at least six hours.

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Immersion suits
VIKING's immersion suits for yachting, the PS5002, are designed to protect the wearer from the cold in an emergency situation. They keep the wearer warm, preventing the onset of the disabling and disorientering effects of hypothermia for at least six hours.

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